Celebrity Spotlight

Ziggy Ranking

ZIGGY RANKIN IS ONE OF THE MOST DISTICTIVE VOICES IN TODAY'S LOCAL MUSIC FRATERNITY Trinicooks.com sat with Ziggy Rankin to find out a little more about what he loves to eat and the one meal in particular that he really, really, really loves and simply can’t do without. Ok so Ziggy [...]

Shurwayne Winchester

Trinicooks congratulates Shurwayne on his 2K10 Groovy Soca Monarch Title!, Gravy at the Junction! Sounds like a new soca hit! Well not quite... But it's definitely important to Shurwayne! Trinicooks.com caught up with the two-time Road March winner at a recent performance, where we were treated to a delightfully different [...]

Joel Villafana

Flying the T & T flag high in Jamaica, you all know him as the passionate, effervescent, humorous and charming former head of sports and anchor of the Tv6 News and creative presenter of Sporting Edition.  Joel Villafana has been a sports journalist for over ten years beginning his electronic [...]


TRINICOOKS CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT - JEHUE GORDON T & T's  400 M hurdle World Champion, Jehue Gordon, who recently launched his own fragrance, Ambition, sat with Trinicooks.com to talk food. TC: Can you cook? JG : Yes TC : When you do cook, what do you like to make? JG : [...]

Food Talk! PREEDY

A quick food chat with this young soca talent. TRINICOOKS 5 FUN FOOD FACTS with PREEDY TC: Can you cook? PREEDY : Yes. No woman will make style on Preedy in the kitchen. TC: What is Your favorite dish? PREEDY: A mean pelau prepared by Tiffany TC: Is there anything [...]