Recipe Themes

Time for a “Cook-Up”

Time for a “Cook –Up” We as Trinbagonians love a one pot rice or “mix up rice” as we like to call it. Whether we are organizing for Panorama  or the river lime or just looking for a quick weeknight meal, one pot dishes are a definite go to solution [...]

Back To School Basics

The books have been bought. New uniforms pressed and ready to wear. School bags are packed. One thing remains. What to pack in that lunch bag? Here are a few ideas to fill those back to school tummies. Pumpkin Muffins Ham Tomato and Cheese Sandwiches One Pot Mac and Cheese [...]

We Love a Good Stew

Stew or Stewed? From the unique flavor of chicken stewed in burnt sugar to the tangy sauciness of a good stewed kingfish, we Trinibagonians love a hearty stew. Pork, oxtail, peas, fish, beef – you name it, we stew it !  Served with rice, provisions, dumplings, roti and even hops [...]

Dips for Dinner!

Sometimes instead of a full-fledged meal with meat, sides, salad or a hearty pasta, we like to put a fun twist on dinner. Especially when we have a good movie or a long awaited TV night, we like to have Dips for Dinner. These filling dips served with some chips, [...]

The Gourmet Griller – Smoking

Grilling is simple once you understand the method behind the madness. Different types of meats require a different type of grilling for best results. One of my favorite methods is Smoking! There is a need to be patient, as it requires hours to get it right, but the great thing [...]