George Bovell III

on Tuesday, 04 December 2012. Posted in Celebrity Spotlight

George Bovell III, Trinidad and Tobago's celebrated Olympic swimmer generously gave of his time and shared a most interesting and informative perspective with, on his love of cooking, his eating regime and that passion of being connected to the food he eats.

We learnt that George loves free-diving and spear-fishing, and shares a unique love and passion for food.

He amazed us, with his knowledge about the science of food and how it impacts what he eats.

You would think because he is a professional athlete that he watches what he eats, but surprisingly he is a naturally healthy eater.

He tends to eat only healthy fats and uses mainly coconut oil and avocado oil for cooking. He has allergic reactions to beef and shellfish so his proteins of choice are chicken, fish and he loves lamb.

However he is still wary sometimes even when eating certain proteins as there is concern about the levels of hormones used in poultry and methods of farming used for salmon.

He loves his Trinibagonian food, his only pet peeve with local cooking is that he believes that we tend to ‘over-season’ our proteins, so the natural flavors of meat of fish do not come through.


TC: Can you cook?

GB: Yes. I consider myself a really good cook.


TC: So what is your favorite meal to prepare?

GB: It's difficult to say. However I do cook with a lot of healthy fats, try to stay away from carbs...I eat a lot of yams.


TC: Who taught you how to cook?

GB: Actually I learned a lot from For instance I wanted to learn how to make lamb roganosh, so I checked it on you tube, got my lamb, yogurt etc and made it. I make a pretty good lamb roganosh. I also have a few Jaime Oliver cookbooks.


TC: Where do you find the time to cook?

GB: Mainly in the afternoons


TC:What dish you cannot make ….but would love to learn how?

GB: Peking Duck.


TC: What is your favorite dish/meal?

GB: Anything that I have caught myself. I love feeling connected to my food. I enjoy the process of cleaning something, filleting it and cooking.


TC: What was your favorite meal as a child?

GB: As a child I ate any and everything. But I really hated pumpkin. But I like it now.


TC: Is there anything thing you don’t like to eat?

GB: Unhealthy foods.


TC: What is your favourite pig out food or junk food?

GB: I love crème brulee. Oh also dates.


TC: What dish do you miss most when you are away from home?

GB: Tania fritters


TC: Have you had any disasters in the kitchen while cooking?

GB: No, not that I can think of.


TC: Favorite place to eat out?

GB: Apsara . I also love authentic Mexican and Indian cuisine. I really enjoy the spices and I love a good Mexican mole.


TC: As an athlete what's your eating pattern when you are in full training mode?

GB: I have an early breakfast, then a second breakfast after training, lunch, training, dinner and then a snack before bed such as nuts.


TC: When you are not training is your eating pattern more relaxed?

GB: Well I have probably 4 meals instead of 5


TC: Who would you love to have dinner with?

GB: It's difficult to choose one. There are so many people out there from different fields and professions that I would like to have a meal with. thanks you George Bovell III for your time and we wish you continued success.


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