The Doubles Challenge – East vs West … Continues

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The challenge of locating the top Doubles in the country is proving to be a grueling, yet enjoyable task.


This passionate group of foodies are determined however to accomplish the mission set out by renowned Photographer David Wears and Nigel P. Reid.

After tasting some of the best ‘Bara and Channa’ combinations chosen by Nigel P.Reid, that East Trinidad had to offer, the team Joel Villafana of TriniCooks, Q.D. Ross of Eat Ah Food, Photographer Peter Lim Choy, Lounge DJ Cheyenne Baptiste, Laura Dowrich-Phillips of Metro and Marie of TriniChow sought after the best in the west hand-picked by David Wears.

David’s choices in the West.

First Stop – J and S Doubles

Location – Carenage (opposite School Street)

Crowd – Continuous trickle

Bara – Soft and moist

Channa – Saucy

Condiments - Pepper Sauce lacked a kick


Noteworthy Mention – Old Gas station used as Car park (convenience).

Second Stop –  Tony’s Doubles

Location- Simeon Road. Petit Valley

Crowd – Small crowd

Bara – Light and fluffy

Channa – Consistent

Condiments – Good combination of cucumber and Shadon Beni sauce


Noteworthy Mention – Modern Doubles Stand

Third Stop  – Bara Bara Doubles

Location – Western Main Road, St James

Crowd – Long line of people

Bara – Thin and soft

Channa – Saucy, strange consistency

Condiments – Ordinary


Noteworthy Mention – Efficient Service

Fourth Stop – George Doubles

Location – Outside Brooklyn Bar, Woodbrook

Crowd – Small Crowd

Bara –Slightly tough

Channa – Good Consistency

Condiments – Good Cucumber/Pepper Sauce


Noteworthy Mention – 2 doubles stands

The judges had their work cut out for them as there were a lot of similarities between the East and West, but also quite a few differences that may determine who prevails in this East vs West Battle!

As for us the best in the West was a toss-up between ‘Tony’s’ in Petit Valley and ‘George’ in Woodbrook.

For the official judges results visit the event page here.

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AND stay connected, because the Doubles Challenge is heading to South and Central in October.

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