Kester Blake – Bartender with a designated DRINKER!!!

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He eats, lives and breathes alcohol … But he does not drink it!!!

Unbelievable but it’s true; Kester Blake was crowned the 2013 national champion at the Diageo World Class Global Bartending competition and earned the right to represent T&T at the global finals aboard the luxury cruise liner, the Azamara Journey in the Mediterranean . He described his recent experience as an eye opener, and having competed against some of the best bartenders in the world, the 32 year old Blake is determined to take his skill s to the next level.

Blake told, as he reflected on his time in the Mediterranean, “I appreciated things now that I took for granted as a bartender. Simple things like the different ways to stir a drink, to shake a cocktail, even the importance of opening a bottle and the different ways to pour a drink.” On board the Azamara Journey, Kester battled with 43 of the top bartenders around the world over four rounds of competition. One of the challenges recalled by Blake was the Red Carpet challenge, “I had to come up with a signature cocktail with the inspiration coming from movie stars in a recent Film Festival.

He did not come away with any trophies or won any of the challenges, but Blake is determined to pass on his experience and knowledge he gained to his local peers. He explained, “In the Caribbean we have a sweet palate, we tend to like sweet, milky drinks and that’s fine, but the international standard, the taste profile is dry and tangy, and as local bartenders we must understand the international standard.”

Born and bred in Sangre Grande, Kester Blake has spent the last 10 years perfecting his trade as a Mixologist, he has worked his way up the ladder and is now the Stockroom manager at Club ZEN. He is also developing his own brand called Professional Trendy Master Mixers, catering for special, corporate events. What was most startling was when Kester revealed he does not drink alcohol, “I have designated drinkers, that I depend on to taste my creations, I don’t drink alcohol,” he stated emphatically.

So how did Kester Blake fall in love with Bartending and mixology without the appreciation of the taste of alcohol? Well like most ‘Trinbagonians’, he loves to party, he loves to dance, and admits he gets a natural high on the dance floor, without taking a drink and it is his love for dancing that led him to the bar. He is now one of Trinidad and Tobago’s ambassadors for Mixology.

Try a few of Kester Blake’s competition creations that he shared with us :


  1. Mystery Bell
  2. Loyalty
  3. Starch
  4. Pujerra


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