HYATT Wows U.S. Culinary Press with Local Cuisine

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#In a Hyatt World! This is where we were transported at an event hosted by the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) in collaboration with the Hyatt Regency Trinidad.

The ‘Eat, Tweet and Blog’ event was part of the itinerary of a US Culinary Press trip, where members of the US and local Culinary writers/bloggers met for cocktails and dinner highlighting Trinidad and Tobago’s cuisine.

The evening began out on the HYATT Waterfront and with the T&T Spirit passing in the distance and a quick celebrity sighting of our local football star Dwight Yorke, it was a perfect setting for the start of the evening.

Our group included Lise Stern from the Boston Globe, Natalie Compagno of Travelers Bookcase,  Danielle Long from Sherman’s Travel, Sarina from TriniGourmet , Marie from Trinichow and Joel and Mirella Villafana of yours truly Trinicooks. The Hyatt Trinidad/TDC team included Mr Russell George, General Manager,Hyatt Trinidad and  Shelly Ann De Gazon, Senior Marketing Specialist.

The “Trini Barrel” was the featured cocktail which consisted of Angostura Single Barrel Rum, passion fruit, mango and orange juice and Angostura Bitters. A delicious balance of fruit and rum brought a smile to all who selected it.

It was indeed a pleasure to hear of the positive feedback of our American guests as they enthusiastically spoke of their culinary encounters in various parts of Trinidad and Tobago.  Their taste of doubles, learning to make calalloo from Wendy Rahamut , their visit to Tobago were among the many activities they had already enjoyed with more to come.

We had an interesting conversation with Lise Stern who was curious about a bag of peeled oranges she had seen in a market earlier. The concept of peeling an orange, cutting it in half to suck it was foreign to her, something that we do naturally. Amazing the differences in eating habits.

Eventually dinner was ready to be served and we all ambled inside to be greeted by a beautifully set table with warm hues of burnt orange and lit pumpkin candles adding a cozy feel to the private dining area.

After an initial introduction of the meal by Hyatt’s Executive Chef Fernando Franco and Chef de Cuisine Emad Adam, an inviting basket of warm nan and condiments were brought out.  Tamarind sauce, Papaya Chutney and Yogurt Raita accompanied the light bread.

The Amuse Bouche, Trini Cow Heel Souse with Pommecythere Chutney, was then served and from here on, it was a parade of what can only be described as culinary art.

The Appetizer followed, Coconut Curry Goat with Masala Mango, which brought expressions of delight and then silence as the delicious tenderness of the goat left no room for conversation. The half coconut shells in which they were served were mopped almost clean with the accompanying nan.

Our questions were answered as the entrée came out, as we were unsure what Snook was when we read it on the menu. Pimento Marinated Snook was a firm yet delicate fish that paired well with the Cassava Oil down and Spicy Shadon Beni Choka. Our taste buds were enjoying the party.

Who would have thought of pairing Barbadine and Chocolate together? Hyatt's Pastry Chef, Gregory Arrendel did and what a flavor combination for dessert. A Warm Rum Infused Chocolate Pudding, Barbadine Ice Cream with Pina Colada Compote ended a perfect dining experience.

It was truly a remarkable night that left the American Press dazzled with Trinidad and Tobago diverse cuisine. As for us, as ‘Trini-Foodies’ it was a proud moment to see our food on display in such a creative and artistic manner.

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