Tobago Culinary Festival 2010

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‘Better Belly Bus Dan Good Food Waste’

This was the theme of the Tobago Culinary Festival this year and it was an accurate description of the stomachs of the many patrons who attended the culinary extravaganza, currently in its 5th year. was covering the event for the second successive year and once again we witnessed a wide range of tasty delights both local and international on display.

The scenic Pigeon Point Heritage Park was the venue and the excitement of the day began with the “Cooks in Competition”, where each chef had to prepare a main course and a dessert to present to the five judges, led by Head Judge – the experienced Debroah Metevier – and this year our very own Joel Villafana sat on the panel as the Celebrity Judge.

The judges added a little more pressure to the already nervous competitors by introducing 2 mystery ingredients just before the start, which had to be incorporated into the entrée and dessert in some way. Cadbury’s cocoa powder for the main course supplied by one of the sponsors AMCO and dasheen for dessert. Here are some of them,still smiling before the pressure began at the start of the competition.

Carla Williams

Yzanne Williams-Chance








Diamond Linton


The host of the competition, Wendell Etienne, while trying to sneak a sample of the dishes, attempted to calm the competitors during the various stages of preparation.


Some of the dishes that were prepared for competition were - Sugarcane Chicken Kebabs presented by Stephanie Woods, Crisp Oat Crusted Fillet of Red Snapper by Yzanne Williams Chance, Geera Sheep Steaks from Michelle Potter, Creamed bananas with Saltfish Salsa by Diamond Linton, Stew Rabbit by Merle Hercules, Banana Mango A La Crème by Carla Ann Williams and Plantain Cake by Veronica Forde.


The overall winner, claiming the first prize of $5000.00, a 2 night stay compliments the Villas of Stonehaven and a professional knife set, was Carla Ann Williams with her menu Jewel of the Sea (a tasty lobster dish served with a rum butter sauce and salsa) and for dessert Banana Mango a la crème.


Other winners included Stephanie Woods for most innovative dish and spirit of the competition and Yzanne Williams-Chance for most creative use of the secret ingredient and best kitchen practices.

While the judges’ tastebuds were being tantalized, there were lots on display to please everyone’s palate. At the Rex Resorts booth there was plantain stuffed chicken with a tamrind chutney sauce prepared by Larry Delochan. Café Coco offered delightful Cajun Style Shrimp and Curry Stew Oxtail. Not to be outdone, the Pavillion Restaurant at the Villas of Stonehaven tempted with Honey and Lime Beef Kebabs and Seafood Crepes.


A wine bar was supplied by AMCO which offered a wide range of wines which paired easily with the many dishes available.

For those who wanted a taste of the local cuisine, that was also in abundance including callaloo, dasheen and pigtail, coconut fish and provisions, pholourie and the infamous crab and dumplings.

To help cool down the heat on this gloriously hot day, Italian gelato was in abundance from Ciao Café, and homemade ice cream supplied by other booths.


Entertainment was not in short supply with performances from Black Sage and Lingo and many other local acts.

Another successful year for the hosts of this festival the Tobago Department of Tourism and The Tobago House of Assembly.

Trinicooks looks forward to the Tobago Culinary Festival 2011.


Trio of Ground Provision Pie

Crisp Oats Crusted Fillet of Red Snapper

Salt Fish Salsa

Coconut Oil Pesto


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