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on Saturday, 01 December 2012. Posted in Recipe Themes

When it comes to burgers, you have got to come good to please me … I like my meat medium-well and juicy…

My burgers need to be popping with flavour and I have had quite a few good ones from a variety of great joints both here at home in sweet T&T and abroad.

However there are two burgers that stand out in my mind and I sometimes I have to hold myself back from returning every opportunity I get.

The first Burger is very dangerous, not only because it’s good, it can be found right here in T&T, and I have to restrain myself from having it every week … because that just won’t be good for my television figure…

This Burger can be found on the now famous Ariapita Avenue strip in a lovely Restaurant called FLAIR … and this Burger is no ordinary burger.

It’s actually one of the signature dishes of local executive Chef and owner Jason Huggins …  It’s called the HUGGIES BURGER.

It is truly an incredible creation; it’s a delicious, flavourful Angus beef patty, topped with an amazing pulled, shredded BBQ pork, topped with smoky bacon and sautéed mushrooms … with lettuce and red onions.

If you are a meat lover like me … you will be in heaven with your every single bite …

It was simply brilliant innovation by Chef Huggins to top off cooked to perfection Angus beef … with some good smoky, tender BBQ pork ….

Chef Huggins must be applauded for somehow not allowing the dominant flavors within the bun to be overwhelming; with each bite, it’s almost like the ‘pig’s pork’ and the ‘cow’s beef’ were meant to be together lovingly placed between a toasty bun.


The second burger comes from the ‘land of Burgers’ – New York City … a little nook in downtown Brooklyn simply called 67 Burger ….  and I can assure you anytime I visit the Big Apple, I can’t leave without visiting this joint.

They boast of a host of gourmet style hand-crafted burgers … my favourite is the Blue cheese and Bacon Burger …..

Now what is great about the burgers at 67 Burger is that you can build your own Burger or put your twist on their suggestions …

The Blue cheese is just tart enough without being overpowering, the burger is lick your lips juicy with every bite … the added roasted peppers and the

bacon adds that extra goodness that is just out of this world …

As you can see the expression on my face says it all … I guess a picture is really worth a thousand words.


For more information check out Flair right here on our Restaurant Buzz page or check out their facebook page and visit for their details.

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