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This legendary soca artist, bandleader and Carnival entrepreneur, Ronnie McIntosh sat with us to talk about one of his favourite topics - food!


TC: Can you cook?

RM : Yes. Sundays in the kitchen is mine. Caro watches Lifetime

TC: When you cook, what do you like to make?

RM: Macaroni Pie, bake any type of meat, chicken but my favourite is steamed fish. I love fish.

TC: What dish you cannot make, but will love to learn how to do it?

RM: Callaloo

TC: Your favorite dish/meal?

RM: It's a dish that I make: it's a spaghetti dish with pimentos, carrots, corn and steamed fish.

TC: What is your favorite meal of the day?

RM: Dinner. I only have one meal a day. I don't have breakfast

TC: Describe your perfect dinner.

RM: Anything homecooked.

TC: What food do you absolutely dislike?

RM: Nothing. The way I was brought up was to eat everything on the plate.

TC: What is your favourite junk food?

RM: Doubles, if doubles can be considered a junk food.

TC: What is your go to drink when liming?

RM: A cold Carib.

TC: What is the first meal you must have when you return home from abroad?

RM: Pelau

TC: Whom would you love to have dinner with?

RM: The Mighty Shadow. His approach to the art form is different.


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