The Upmarket Experience

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A market with a difference!

The Upmarket Experience

So this was Trinicooks first visit to the monthly event Upmarket, held this month at the Woodbrook Youth Facility and we certainly can say it won’t be our last.  As promised it was definitely a place for fabulous food and finds.

A wide assortment of food, from curry conch to tarragon parsley pesto, to freshly butchered cuts of meat to geera paneer were available for sampling and purchasing. Not to be left out were plant and seed stalls, hand crafted jewelry, health remedy booths and even homemade dog treats for the pet lovers.

From the start, patrons eagerly made their way to the various stalls, some exploring for the first time like us, and some already familiar some of the goods offered, made a beeline for their priority purchases.



One could not help but be drawn in by the scents of curry crab, curry shrimp and curry conch emanating from Kerry’s Nice and Sweet Treats which offered a taste of Tobago. All were served with a generous helping of pumpkin dumplings, a unique twist to the regular dumplings.

Del Mano’s Food  stall which offered a variety of interesting pestos and chutneys including Roasted Melongene Pesto and Pommecythere Chutney had a constant buzz as people stopped to sample with some fresh crusty bread. It was amazing to see the different creations of pestos from local vegetables such as watercress and even sweet peppers, aside from the traditional basil pesto.



The Trinidad and Tobago Goat and Sheep Society were most present with a wonderful sampling of goats milk cheese which were flavoured with geera  and another marinated in Italian herbs.  Surprisingly the cheese was not as tangy or as salty as goat cheese is known to be. It was quite pleasant to the palate and would make a wonderful addition to a salad, sandwich or as it was served, as an appetizer  on its own.


Days before on Upmarket’s facebook page, members were encouraged to walk with cooler bags as there would be a variety of meats available. Bloom’s Import’s Ltd was one such provider whose selections of products include Chorizo Sausages, Cornish Hens and Cowboy Ribeye which certainly evokes excitement for the grill enthusiasts. Additionally the wide display by Super Quality of different cuts of fresh meat, poultry and pork could not be ignored.

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Tasty T’s had a lovely display of their own totally local treats such as pepper sauce, chilli bibi, guava jam and fudge.  Next to the guava jam was a large jar of Crix reminding us how good a smear of guava jam on a Crix cracker tastes. Lovely ripe local fruits including sugarcane, chennet and pawpaw were available at another booth.

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Totally out of the box but what you can expect at Upmarket, was the booth  Anything on the Water, which specializes in Yacht Charters, Yacht Brokerage and Real Estate. Just browsing through their brochure made you want to charter a yacht instantly. You could also purchase  some funky contemporary jewelry  for the trip at one of the many jewelry booths.

u9 u10

For the sweet tooth there was an abundance of  cupcakes, pastries, ice cream and even churros (the Mexican dessert of fried strips of dough tossed in sugar) served  with dulce de leche or chocolate sauce.  Lima Bella Sugar Craft had a sample of moist fruit cake, reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner. However, the lovely display of their gourmet cupcakes with flavor combinations as  Chocolate Hazelnut and Strawberry Almond were enough for us to leave Christmas in the background for just a little while longer.

u11 u12


A visit to Upmarket is a great way to spend a Saturday morning, where you can discover new and exciting foods, products and people. If you have not been as yet, keep an eye out for the next one and see what you have been missing.

For more photos from the August Upmarket, check our gallery.

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