QRC Chefs Royal Affair

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Come Dine Lime and experience a royal affair.

QRC Chefs Royal Affair

It was not the Royal Wedding at Buckingham Palace, but the QRC Old Boys turned the school grounds into a Royal Affair as they wined and dined patrons with their exciting culinary creations.

Upon entering guests were treated to samples of wines, cheeses and olives to prepare their palletes for the flavors of the night.


The chefs displayed their creative and culinary talents with some innovatively named dishes such as Robert Mayers’ 6 Maths Meditterean Goyka in White Wine.

Willard Mc Intyre’s Shrimp Linguine with Alfredo Sauce was a definte hit with patrons as well as Sigler Jack’s Prime Ribeye Beef in Mushroom Salsa Sauce and Emmanuel Ferdinand’s Stuffed Dumplings with Crabmeat.

A little political fun was displayed in Kenrick Harrinath’s SIASSA Partnership Chicken.


pic2 pic3 pic4

Of course there was the usual support from their friendly rival alumni St Mary’s College, Fatima College and BELEX.


The Saint’s Crew wihich included Nestor Lambert, Roberto Ramirez and Roderick Ward put on their usual chic display clothed in their black chef coats and white chef hats. Ramirez’ Oh My Seafood Chowder and Ward’s Saintly Pepper Ribs were in demand.

pic7 pic8 pic9

The Fatima Crew including Everald “Gally” Cummings, former national football coach, Keith Simpson and Simon Croney had some interesting dishes such as Pig about to Dance a Jig, Mary’s Tender Lamb, Obama’s Revenge – Bin Burning ad Seafood Lasagne.

pic10 pic11 pic13

The BELEX team prepared such dishes as Tales of the Ox by Rennie Ambrose and Belmont Circular Ribs by Vance Gabriel. 

pic15 pic16 pic18

The sweet tooth could not be ignored and there was an array of desserts to choose from including Coconut Mousse and Red Velvet Cake.


Diners were treated to live entertainment by Gail Valentine and David Baptiste.

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