Saturday Soups

on Tuesday, 01 February 2011. Posted in Recipe Themes

Saturday Soups

Hearty, satisfying meal in a bowl


It’s Saturday and for most of us, it’s the day to run errands and finish household chores or just kick back and relax after a hard week.

It’s the day where most people look forward to one of our favourite meals in a bowl.


Who can resist a hearty, satisfying bowl of soup on a Saturday afternoon, consisting of mainly ground provisions and dumplings all in a thick broth flavored with your favorite meat, whether it’s oxtail, pigtail, cowheel or even chicken foot.


We are sure you are familiar with some of these soups, but when did you last make your own soup at home on a Saturday. Try one of these recipes today.


  1. Oxtail Soup
  2. Split Peas Soup
  3. Cow Heel Soup
  4. Chicken Foot Soup
  5. Fish Broth

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