A Taste of Tobago Culinary Festival 2013

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A Taste of Tobago Culinary Festival 2013

It was a typical Tobago day; lovely sunshine lit up Pigeon Point, with tantalizing aromas of the 2013 Tobago Culinary Festival travelling through the air at Heritage Park. One could not help but be drawn to the festivities from the nearby bar and beach as it was difficult to ignore the many patrons sampling some hearty local dishes or trying some of the exotic creations from the international cuisine section.

From succulent stewed pork and callaloo from Sylvia’s to lobster fritters courtesy Seahorse Inn, curry goat from Miss Esme to tasty bacon wrapped shrimp from Café Coco, the choices were endless as is the norm at the Tobago Culinary Festival.

For those who felt for a light snack or to satisfy their sweet tooth, the choices were endless, from mango chow, to an abundance of local sweets, snow Cones, local punches and gelato were all available. The main focus of the festival was once again the cooking competitions.

The eventual winners were- Schools Cooking Competition – Speyside High School Cooks in Competition – Arlene Pereira Iron Chef Competition – Carla Ann Huggins Pickled garlic, pommecythere jelly, bay leaf powder, tamarind dipping sauce was among some of the interesting and unusual condiments available for patrons to fill their shopping bags. For a tasty breakfast next morning, pumpkin coconut bread and homemade coconut bake were on hand at the THTI booth.

As always a wide variety of local artists and musicians, including Mighty Shadow, Johnny King, Baron and Petrotrin Katzenjammers kept everyone well entertained. Another mouthwatering year at the Tobago Culinary Festival leaving all taste buds well satisfied until next year.

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