YZANNE WILLIAMS - CHANCE – Tobago’s Cooking Competition Giant

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YZANNE WILLIAMS - CHANCE – Tobago’s Cooking Competition Giant

Over the years at the Tobago Culinary Festival Yzanne Williams – Chance, a consistent competitor, has dominated the Cooks in Competition, winning twice in 2008 and 2012, placing second in 2007, 2010 and 2011.

This 41 year old acclaimed cook from Mt. Grace in Tobago thrives on the adrenaline rush in cooking competitions. She told trinicooks.com, “It’s real fun. I love everything about the competition, I like the mystery ingredient, it challenges me, and it has really been a learning experience over the years, I have learnt so much from the Judges.”

Yzanne was introduced to cooking by her father now deceased. He was a Chef at the Blue Haven Hotel in Bacolet, Tobago. Chance recalls the days when she and her father would spend hours in the kitchen, “I remember him waking up all sorts of early hours in the morning to cook, because he was hungry,” she said with a wide smile. She just completed her associate degree at the THTI and is quite an accomplished cook, with a wide array of talent. As fast as she can prepare a delicious entrée, she can whip up a cake that would be a baker’s masterpiece. She actually loves to bake and caters for weddings on the island.

However according to her very supportive husband the best thing she makes is her BBQ Baked Pork Ribs.

Yzanne explains, “I love making my own BBQ sauce using local ingredients including Carib Beer.”When we asked her what is her favourite thing to make … she got excited quickly saying ‘bush meat’ or what Trinis would call ‘wild meat’. She loves the different flavours of the wild meat and iguana is her preferred ‘bush meat’. There is definitely a difference in taste when you compare food on the both islands.

Yzanne attempted to explain the difference between Tobago cooking and Trinidad cooking! “Tobago food is different,” she explains, “I think Tobagonians utilize the local herbs and spices more than Trinidad, we use plenty fresh ‘bush seasonings’ as well as plenty garlic, ginger and rum. I think Trinidadians use a lot of ground powder seasonings and that I believe contributes to the difference in taste.”

She is now developing and working on establishing her catering business – it’s called the Calypso Girls Experience. She is also working on her own cookbook which will be published soon. From the little girl that Daddy inspired to cook, Yzanne Williams - Chance has grown into a Cooking Competition Giant in Tobago and her creations will surely have you yearning for that sweet Tobago taste.

Try some of her recipes that she has shared with Trinicooks:


  1. Barley and Corn Risotto
  2. Vegetable Coated Chicken
  3. Dasheen Cherry Cheesecake


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