Shenniah Moore - Cupcake QUEEN

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She is only 16; she is too young to drive, she is too young to drink, but she is old enough to be a Cupcake Champion.

Shenniah Moore of St. Anns was the first winner of the Outlet Market Cupcake Challenge, which was held at the Chinese Association. This young unassuming Holy Name convent teenager stunned the panel of judges with her 3 presentations on the day, but it was her Curry Cupcake with Lime frosting that stood out and was judged to be the best cupcake creation on the day.

Shenniah, the youngest competitor on the day was just as stunned when she won the competition, “I did not expect to win, I heard about the competition and my family encouraged me to enter, so I did, just for the fun of it.” So modest and humble, but the truth is that Shenniah is a little genius. She had experienced cupcake gurus, judges Tricia Corbin-Oliveire (Brown Box) and Michelle Sohan (Bakery Treatz), offering her jobs to come and bake for them after the competition.

Shenniah started to bake when she was about 10 years old, but admitted to that she does not like to cook, baking is her thing. “The first thing I baked was Chocolate chip cookies, I just decided one day to try it, I looked up a recipe in the Naparima cook book and did it. My family loved them, and from there I just kept baking.” “I really don’t like to cook, I just bake, I love to bake,” she said emphatically. Shenniah has creative genes that she says she got from her father who is a Graphic artist and a photographer. “I am into art at school, I like to be creative and I have used that in my baking, I love to decorate cakes and be as artistic as possible,” she said.

She started using box cakes and would add to it, and quickly progressed to baking from scratch.

She is a student of the cupcake, she admitted she is always online checking different recipes, reading cookbooks, and is always on the Food Network channel, hooked on Ace of Cakes and Cupcake Wars. She explained the inspiration for her winning cupcake creation – the Curry Cupcake with Lime frosting. “I wanted to do something with a local twist, I love coming up with my own combinations, so I thought the curry flavor would be different, and luckily for me it all fell into place.”

What is truly amazing about Shenniah Moore is that she does not eat cupcakes, She does not even taste what she makes. WHY??? Simply because as she says, “I am a health freak!” “I don’t eat oil, butter or sugar. A few years ago my mother put us on an organic diet and I began to enjoy it so much that I made it my lifestyle.”

So how does she know her cupcakes are great? “Everybody who eats them loves them,” Shenniah boasts. “My family tells me what they like and don’t like and I use their opinions to decide how I do what I do. I have learned to trust myself and I am pretty confident now in what I do,” she said very assertively.

The young lady has her head on her shoulders , she has already started a small cupcake business called “Frosted” and is in the process of getting her name out there. She says from the first day she baked she knew she wanted to be a pastry chef …. She is only 16, but she is not too young to bake!

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  2. Shenniah's French Toast Cupcake with Maple Syrup Frosting and Bacon,
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