MANGO MANIA! at the Trinidad and Tobago Mango Festival 2014

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If you are a mango lover; you would have been in your glee. Everywhere you turn you were surrounded by a multitude of mangoes, mango treats and even a mango spa.

The T & T Mango week, hosted by the Network of Rural Women Producers, ran from July 1st – July 7th and culminated in the Mango Festival at the UWI Field Station in St Augustine. The festival which seems to get larger each year is an ideal place for one to learn about the vast assortment of this popular fruit. A few booths had actual mangoes on display, both the popular varieties and lesser known types such as the cutlass and Mary mangoes. What was more dominant was the showcase of creativity in making products with mangoes both edible and not.

Mango Kurma, Mango Syrup, Mango Baguettes, Mango Wine even a Mango Shadon Beni Sauce were a few of the delicacies that patrons munched on and purchased to take home.

Those with a sweet tooth, there were mango cupcakes with white chocolate, mango cheesecake and mango pone are a mere mention of some of the baked delights available And what would a mango festival be without some mango chow, red mango and mango chutney. To enjoy the lingering fruity scent of the mango, an extensive line of mango products were on display at Rodco Home Essentials booth including a mango chutney soap and mango pineapple body scrub. The mango spa featured a manicure where a range of mango scrubs were used.

An intriguing product, mango powder definitely caught our attention. As explained it is made from drying the mango via an aerator to form the powder. The powder can then be used especially in baking to add that rich mango flavour.

The festival is definitely worth a visit for all mango lovers out there. Visit our full gallery of pictures here.

Try some of the following mango recipes that were generously shared with us by some participants at the festival:

  1. Mango Cassava Balls
  2. Mango Pound Cake
  3. Mango Bread Pudding
  4. Mango Coconut Drops


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