Clint Cracks Fitness Myths!

on Sunday, 22 September 2013. Posted in Recipe Themes

My first blog was on rest. I trust that you are getting the rest that you need. Let’s talk fitness. The best place to start is at the beginning, won’t you agree? A fitness program does not have to be a lonely business. Get all those you love to join you. We all have different goals when embarking on a fitness program. Some include: improving health, a stronger more flexible body, a more active lifestyle, changing the way we and others see us. Or sometimes it is preparing for an event or season. Can you relate to any of these?

We all have reasons why we don’t exercise. Some of us believe that there is a secret to getting that “Body Beautiful.” Reality check: there are no secrets. We can change the way we look and feel by exercising, eating well (sensibly) and focusing on the positive impact that these changes are making in our lives. We have all heard different myths surrounding fitness. Let us look at some of them together. Feel free to investigate theses and others.

We have all heard: “If I stop working out my muscles will turn into flab” I used to believe this until I read and experienced differently. The fact is that the progress from a flabby frame to firm, taut muscles is a gradual one. If you were to decide to take a break for any reason, the loss will occur as gradually as it was gained. The difference is it takes less effort to get back to the level you attained. Our muscles have memory, so what took as long as six months could be attained in three months. Get where I am going with this?

Another one which I thought applied to me is: It’s too late for me, so why bother?” This is more an expression of defeat rather than a myth. When you really think of it, the statement is really crazy? It is right up there with: why sweep the floor when it will just get dirty, or why shower when you have to do it again tomorrow? Always remember that each of us is unique and capable of the improvement we want and are willing to work for. Sure some of us might be blessed with genes that others will kill for. But everyone has some quality whether inherited or developed that we can work on to our advantage.

Have you ever thought: It’s so hard! Want to hear a secret? Well I will tell you anyway. Diet and exercising is fun. No I am not crazy! The myth of fitness requires hours of exhausting, grueling work and endless helpings of self-denial and sacrifices have us running away from the fulfilling experience and results. Maybe we could cut down on the burgers and extra fries with a side order of cole slaw or even that late night pint of Haagen-Dazs in front of the TV. Is that really happiness or comfort food?

Let’s look at it another way, how about the pleasure of putting our body through the paces for an hour or so three times a week  and feeling it capable of things we never  thought it could, seeing and feeling it firm up and strengthen. What is wrong with biting in into a juicy fruit or an interesting salad made by our own hands. The real pleasure is the looks we get when we start losing body fat and becoming leaner and fitter. It is a matter of perspective- maybe it is time to change ours and see exercise ,weight training and healthy diet as their own reward.

One we hear all the time “I AM BIG BONED-I CAN’T HELP LOOKING THIS WAY” Let us not forget the genetic issues, but that does not mean we can’t put up a fight. Not because our aunties and uncles and everyone in our family are or were overweight means that has to be our destiny. I strongly believe we can change the way we look and feel. If you are big boned (the scientific term: mesomorph) you can choose to clothe the frame with flabby fat or with firm taut muscle. Which would you rather have? Hey it is up to you.

There are many more reasons we can come up with not to change our lifestyle. I can tell you changing the way I live is the best thing I have ever done for both myself and for those who are close to me. All the things that I have written about above are from my own experience and also from extensive reading and speaking with experts in the field.

I know some of it might be a bit “heavy” but like in training, in order to maximize benefits, some days we go heavy and some days we go light. All this writing has me hungry. A nice protein shake made of: a lean protein powder, some skimmed milk, some berries, and flax seed. Put in a blender with some ice and voila. Be creative with your shakes. If you want a little density you can add some oats.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing. Feel free to send me your questions or comments below or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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