Shurwayne Winchester

Trinicooks congratulates Shurwayne on his 2K10 Groovy Soca Monarch Title!, Gravy at the Junction! Sounds like a new soca hit! Well not quite…

But it’s definitely important to Shurwayne! caught up with the two-time Road March winner at a recent performance, where we were treated to a delightfully different side of this masterful entertainer.

What is “gravy at the junction”??? Read on and find out……

Shurwayne is by no means a master chef, but prides himself on being able to make a really good roast bake.

Born and bred in Tobago, the slimly built energetic entertainer loves his crab and dumpling and blue food.

SW is known for his sweet soothing voice that has seen him becoming popular for his groovy soca rhythms, such as ‘Get out of my Dreams’ and ‘Wine Down’. However over the years Shurwayne has also proved he is the genuine Soca Artiste, as he has the ability to send a party crowd into a frenzy, jumping and waving.

Among his biggest hits are his Road March winners ‘Look the Band Coming’ and ‘Dead or Alive’ and many others.

Shurwayne spent his formative years at the Soca band Caribbean Traffic Jam, where he was a frontline singer, but the mega star has evolved, prompting him to form his own company, S.W. LIMITED and his own band called ‘Shurwayne Winchester and YOU’ which recently celebrated their 1st anniversary. His latest releases include ‘Murdah’ and ‘Rough Wine’. Don’t forget to check out his website to find out even more about the man, his band and his music. But first here’s what Shurwayne had to say about what foods he enjoys.


TC: Can you cook?

SHURWAYNE: Yes I can handle myself in the kitchen

TC: what is your favorite meal to prepare?

SHURWAYNE: Roast bake

TC: Who taught you how to cook?


TC: When do you find the time to cook?

SHURWAYNE: When I am home enjoying a break from the music business

TC: What dish you cannot make, but will love to learn how to do it?

SHURWAYNE: Crab and dumpling. I want to learn how to get the right consistency for the sauce, not to thick, not too thin.

TC: Your favorite dish/meal?

SHURWAYNE: Crab and dumpling

TC: Three other dishes you love?

SHURWAYNE: Macaroni pie, potato salad, some blue food and stewed meat, but the gravy must meet at the junction, connecting the macaroni pie, the blue food and the potato salad.

TC: Is there anything thing you don’t like to eat?

SHURWAYNE: Corn beef and Lasagna

TC: What dish do you miss most when you are away from home?

SHURWAYNE: Crab and dumpling

TC: Have you had any disasters in the kitchen while cooking?

SHURWAYNE: My famous roast bake came out rock hard like a biscuit.

TC: Favorite place to eat out?

SHURWAYNE: I don’t really eat out. I prefer to hang out at home with friends.

TC: What’s your eating pattern? Eg ……must have breakfast…. don’t eat at nights…… must eat after or before a performance.

SHURWAYNE: I must have a good breakfast; the rest will fall into place.

TC: Whom would you love to have dinner with?

SHURWAYNE: Merchant and Michael Jackson if they were alive and Barack Obama.

TC: Do you watch what you eat?

SHURWAYNE: Yes I do, I try to stay away from the fatty foods.


Shurwayne shared his recipe for his Roast Bake that he bakes in a pan. Click here to try.