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Complexity: Easy  Ingredients: 3 tins of tuna in water 2 tomatoes chopped 1 tsp minced garlic 1 tbsp fresh thyme ¼ tsp mince hot pepper 2 pimento peppers, diced Half small onion Pinch of sea salt 1 egg 1/3 cup oat flour or bread crumbs Olive oil as needed to [...]


Complexity: Easy  Ingredients: 2 pieces of boneless chicken breast ½ tsp sesame oil ¼ cup peanut butter 1 tbsp diced onion 1 tsp minced garlic 1 tsp minced ginger 1 tsp soy sauce 6-8 skewers depending on size of chicken breast Directions: Soak skewers in water so it would not [...]


Complexity: Easy Ingredients: 1½ cups corn meal 3 cups water 2 cups ground chicken, cooked ¼ cup of each : Cranberries Raisins Olives Capers 1 onion, diced 3 Pimento peppers, diced 1 tsp Pepper flakes 1 tsp Mrs Dash Directions:   Mix all ingredients together. Place in baking dish lightly [...]


Complexity: Easy Ingredients: 1 cup ripe papaya 2 – 3 ripe guavas 1 sprig fresh parsley 1 tsp lemon/lime juice 1 tsp fresh chopped ginger 1 tbsp Herbwai honey 3 – 4 ice cubes, optional Directions: Cut the papaya into chunks. Deseed the guavas, if desired and cut into chunks. [...]


Complexity: medium Ingredients: 1 large cauliflower 1 large egg 1 pack 3 cheese mix 1 cup mozarella cheese 1 tsp 24 herb seasoning 1 tsp Italian seasoning Directions: Cut cauliflower into florets. Grind in food processor until resembles rice. Steam cauliflower for a few minutes with 1/4 water covered until [...]