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Complexity: Easy Ingredients: 3 lg zucchini 1 lg bell pepper green or red 2 cloves garlic minced 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese 1/4 tsp garlic salt Red pepper flakes 1 tbsp coconut or olive oil Directions: With a potato peeler, peel zucchini leaving skin on, slice bell peppers and set aside. [...]


Complexity: Medium Ingredients: 8 slices of Ezekiel bread 1 tbsp Nuts and More peanut butter or almond butter 1 tbsp Sugar free jam 1 tbsp Nutella 1 tbsp Coconut oil 1 bt of sugar free syrup or maple syrup Liquid: 1 scoop of cellucor whey protein cinnamon flavor 2 eggs [...]


Complexity: Easy Ingredients: 1 large cucumber 1 can tuna in water 1 tbsp sour cream ¼ cup arugula leaves or babyspinach leaves Directions: Cut cucumber lengthwise: with a spoon remove all the seeds. Fill half of cucumber with sour cream, then baby spinach or arugula leaves top with tuna, cover [...]


Complexity: Easy Ingredients: 1 large lettuce leaf or 2 medium pieces (local, romaine, iceberg) 1 burger patty 1 slice of pineapple 1 Slice of tomato Directions: Cook burger patty. Place patties on lettuce leaf add tomato, and pineapple, top with remaining lettuce leaf and secure with toothpick. Calories 300 Total [...]


Complexity: Easy Ingredients: 1 large portobello mushroom 1 beef patty 1 slice pineapple 1 slice tomato Baby spinach or arugula leaves Directions: Slice mushroom in half and sauté in 1 tsp coconut oil for 5 min don't over cook, this can be done in the oven as well. Place baby-spinach [...]