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Grilling is simple once you understand the method behind the madness. Different types of meats require a different type of grilling for best results. One of my favorite methods is Smoking! There is a need to be patient, as it requires hours to get it right, but the great thing about it is you can leave it let it do its thing, monitoring periodically. Trust me it’s worth it.

Barbecue and Smoking

True barbecue involves a long cooking period at a low temperature. Most barbecues are augmented with wood chips, which are soaked in water or other liquid, then heated until they smoke. This adds a distinctive flavor to the food. Different species of wood provide different flavor profiles.

Smoking is similar, but with more smoke (and more smoke flavor). The long, low-temperature cooking process of barbecue and smoking breaks down connective tissue in the toughest cuts of meat, leaving them extremely tender and moist.

Because temperature control is critical and the cooking time is lengthy, barbecue and smoking require patience and regular attention. Some recipes call for dry rub, which means applying spices to the meat beforehand; others require regular applications of barbecue sauce.

Although ordinary grills can be used, specialized equipment such as Smokers, which provide separate chambers for food and fuel or Pellet Grills, which automatically feed Hardwood pellets into a Firebox as required, produce the best results.

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