Ziggy Ranking


Trinicooks.com sat with Ziggy Rankin to find out a little more about what he loves to eat and the one meal in particular that he really, really, really loves and simply can’t do without.

Ok so Ziggy does not cook. When he is not on the road, he is fed mainly by the women in his life. Ziggy is very humble and laid back and prefers just hanging out with family and friends at house limes or casual restaurants.

His real name is Khouri Francis. So how did the name Ziggy come about? Well, he explains from since his school days he was involved in chanting and he had the ability to sing fast and everyone started calling him Ziggy, the rest is history.

He officially entered the music business in 1997 and has since delivered a number a hits including ‘Another one gone again’, ‘Girl next door’, ‘Love how yuh wining’, and ‘My miserable life’.

He also is known for some fabulous collaboration with H20 Phlo and Iwer George just to name a few.

The biggest moment in his life so far was the birth of his daughter.


TC: Can you cook?

ZIGGY: No I always have women around, taking care of me.

TC: If not who cooks for you?

ZIGGY: My mother and my sisters mainly.

TC: What dish you cannot make ….but will love to learn how to do it?

ZIGGY: Lasagna

TC: Your favorite dish/meal

ZIGGY: Corn beef and rice

TC: Tell us three other dishes you like.

ZIGGY: Spaghetti and meatballs; anything curried; Pelau

TC: Is there anything thing you don’t like to eat?

ZIGGY: Shellfish

TC: What dish do you miss most when you are away from home?


TC: Favorite place to eat out?…..what’s your favorite dish on the menu?

ZIGGY: TGI Fridays and Ruby Tuesdays. I love finger food

TC: What was your favorite meal as a child?

ZIGGY: Corn beef and rice

TC: Is it mandatory your significant other must be able to cook?

ZIGGY: Of course. Or else I will be in trouble.

TC: What’s your eating pattern? Eg ……must have breakfast ….. don’t eat at nights …. Must eat after or before a performance?

ZIGGY: I have some bad eating habits because of my schedule. I don’t eat breakfast. And I would sometimes eat in the night and try to have salads.

TC:  Name some people you would you love to have dinner with?

ZIGGY: Stevie Wonder, Barack Obama and Faye ann and Bunji host a real nice cook up.

TC:Do you watch what you eat?

ZIGGY: I try. When I am in the gym, I try to do the salads.


Ziggy  willingly shared his recipe for his Corned Beef that he loves to eat with anything. Click here to try.