About Us

About Us

WELCOME TO www.trinicooks.com

Trinicooks.com is a creation that evolved out of a love and passion for food, cooking and Trinidad and Tobago’s diverse cuisine. The website is aimed at highlighting the vast ingredients and fantastic flavors that combine to create the unique cuisine that is known to every Trinidadian and Tobagonian at home and abroad.

It is a user friendly and interactive website that provides our users with recipes not only native to Trinidad and Tobago, but also other cuisines that relate to our diverse culture and ethnicity.

Of course, we Trinibagonians tend to cook with our eyes and taste buds, more than measurements, but we have tried to be as accurate as we can with ingredient amounts. Some recipes have also been supplied with the kind courtesy of professional chefs, competing amateur cooks, along with other recipes submitted by our local celebrities.

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Need to send us a recipe or contact us? Email us at info@trinicooks.com.